The Windows Phone app can be found on the Windows Phone Market Place.


We can do this app onto the Android or onto the iPhone too. Ask an offer !



The reporting is fast and effective. You will save time and money.


The reporting will be done because it is so easy.


The reporting is accurate. A picture with red circle tells more than thousand words.


The reporting too to report defects is always within you.



Defect Place - app on Windows Phone 8

Our mobile application is very convient and fast to use. Most of the information can be selected on the menus or by using sliders etc.

With this aplication the issues, the defects can be reported by taking a picture and marking the defect on the picture with red circle or red arrow (There are other colors to choose if the red is not suitable for the picture.) The picture with the mark tells more than the plain picture. With the mark the information is accurate!

The other features to help you are:

  • automatic location and a possibility to show the defect on the map
  • easy and clear menus to choose
  • The type, priority and severity can be chosen by using sliders
  • The data is saved to the database and to the backend which has several different interfaces (csv, xml, API)
  • The information can be sent to any email showing the picture with the mark and the link to the location on the map.