Download from the Windows Phone Market Place:Työmaakortti - applicationTyömaakortti - application



The cad can done even in few seconds


Works as phone book too with direct call and email


Pre definied text templates save time and are very easy to use


Works as construction site defect and risk reporting tool too

The Worker's Construction Site Card on the Windows Phone


With this app working on your mobile you can deploy very easily your own Worker's Construction Site Card too. Enter the information, your name and tax number etc, take a picture of yourself and save to the backend database.

To print the card you can send it as HTML-report to your own email address.

In addition to this you can use the app as a phone book and contact app with pre definied settings and message templates.

To report the defects or risks of the construction site you can shot the picture, mark it with red circle (same feuture what we have on our Defect Place - app) and save the data to the backend system for management.