Työmaakorttiheti - service

Työmaakorttiheti - service helps to manage the information which comes obligatory in the beginning of June this year (2014). With the service you can list and send the monthly information to Finish tax authorities much faster than using your own clumsy ERP systems or Excel-files etc.


In addition to this the users can do by themselves their own construction site ID card containing the tax number when ever and where ever. With no need to go anywhere and with no need to wait. The only one needed is internet connection and the printer. With mobile Windows Phone Tyomaakortti you can do the card too. And print it directly to printer supporting ePrint.


The service is www-service with no need to install anything onto your computers. The only one needed is browser and internet connection. The service works on most browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome or Opera). The service can be used with PC, laptop, tablet or with Windows Phone. The other mobile clients are coming.


The lisences to use our service van be bought on our web shop.