Watch our video, "A picture  with red circle tells more than thousand  words"

The Benefits of our  Service:


reduces the time needed to report the defects


harmonize defect reporting


makes follow up and management of the defects  easier


helps organization to learn of the defects


boosts work


increases the profitability


reduces the costs


improves the quality

Maintenance work

Korjauskohde - web - service with mobile application is a solution to improve the efficiency and quality of the  maintenance work.


In addition to our web service and mobile application we offer consulting services on maintenance work area. We have a profound experience of document and product data management (PDM and PIM). We are specialized into telecom network, construction, process plants and maintenance work projects and their data management.


While using our web service and our consulting services you increase the productivity of the work done in your company and the data and the knowledge is not only in the 'head and memory' of one person. Have you ever wondered the risks to your business what comes due to the reason that the information is not managed and saved well in a PDM - database of your company? What if the only person knowing things changes the company or becomes sick?


By using our service you reduce the risks related to the wrong and inaccurate data. You reduce the misunderstanding and the resulting inefficiency and costs.